The KAKAO Guardian Community
The KAKAO Guardian Community
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A Deep Dive With KAKAO:

Learning How To Hold Sacred Space For Yourself & Others

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Become a KAKAO Guardian + learn how to deeply connect with and share Ceremonial-Grade Cacao with reverence and confidence.

Our 150+ hour program is intended to empower you to hold space with Cacao with integrity, reverence and the embodiment of heart-centered living.

Cacao is a plant-medicine that truly can heal the world. In our program, learn how to facilitate the opening, healing and connection to heart with the Spirit of Cacao as your ally.


  • How to cultivate sacred space and hold space for yourself and others
  • How to lead a group KAKAO gathering
  •  Everything you need to know about Ceremonial-Grade Cacao
  • The KAKAO story and mission
  • Various templates for online/virtual and in-person gatherings 
  • How to develop an intimate, unique relationship with the Spirit of Cacao 
  • How to introduce Cacao to people from all walks of life (even those not on a spiritual path) and all ages
  • How to compliment an existing business with Cacao through 1 on 1 work, group gatherings and corporate offerings

Program Inclusions:

  • Easy-to-follow online program with recorded content and written resources
  • Self-paced program to complete in your own time
  • Ongoing access to the KAKAO Guardian Community where you can engage with others in the program
  • Unlimited access to your hosts for questions via the community space
  • Interview with KAKAO's partner on the ground in Peru, Matt
  • Bonus content on sound healing, essential oils and leading your business
  • Ongoing access to all public KAKAO community events
  • Accountability to step into your leadership: you will be required to log 90+ hours of personal study/sitting with Cacao on your own, plus 8+ group ceremonies if you’re guided to hold space for others

Meet Your Hosts

Makenzie Marzluff

Co-Founder of KAKAO and Request Bar. Speaker and Coach to Conscious Entrepreneurs. Founder of DELIGHTED BY Desserts. Published author of How To Lead A Badass Business From Your Heart.

 Makenzie has been facilitating Cacao ceremonies globally and was one of the first to bring true Ceremonial-Grade Cacao to the Western world. She is known best for her ability to keep it real in ceremony and to share her vulnerability no matter who is listening.

Aydin Rahmi

Master Gong Practitioner, Certified Sound Healer. Founder of Rhythm Infused and Chief Guardian of KAKAO Australia & New Zealand. Aydin's offerings incorporate sound, meditation, crystals, Cacao and moon cycle/planetary energies.

Ellie Seilern

Reiki Master, Certified Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioner and Arcturus Quantum Energy Healer. Chief Guardian of KAKAO Europe. Ellie's private and group gatherings weave in various practices and modalities: sound healing, study groups, and aromatherapy.

Michael McPherson

Writer. Co-Founder of  KAKAO and Request Bar. Published author of Everything You Never Learned About Sex. Michael coaches men in the topics of romantic union, healing sexual trauma and shame, sacred sexuality and embodied masculinity. 

Michael has been leading plant-medicine ceremonies across the globe since 2017 and is best known for his presence that invites others forward, his ability to soothe your heart through his assuring words, and his radical authenticity.

Joy Saavedra, Guest Trainer

Joy is on the Board of Directors for KAKAO 501c3 non-profit, a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, an incredible full-time mother and a leader in her community.

Joy brings people together from ALL walks of life for Cacao ceremony, even those not on the 'spiritual path.' She also leads virtual and in-person ceremonies for her extended family members and even holds Cacao ceremonies for children! Joy is incredible at introducing people to Cacao in a way they can understand, which is needed today more than ever.

Important Information

This is a self-paced program you can undertake at any time and complete in your own time. 

Please note that partnering with a plant ally, in this case Cacao, is a lifelong commitment. Completion of this program is a doorway into holding sacred space with the Spirit of Cacao and to acknowledge your dedication to deepening your bond with Cacao and commitment to sharing her medicine with reverence.

We encourage you to connect with her energy daily (even if/when you're not physically drinking) and continue to nurture your relationship and knowledge of this plant medicine.

This self-paced program is now only available via application. If you have any questions about the intake process, please email [email protected]

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